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U.S. Federal Land and National Park Use Passes 

National Parks Lake - Season Pass photoFrom “sea to shining sea” in the United States, family vacation travelers in search of camping, fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, or just bird watching and spring flowers are bound to encounter the Federal Land management system which will require a fee or use permit. For a longer trip or year round return visits to a familiar spot may find an annual pass of benefit to both budget and convenience. The U.S. government which oversees the patchwork network of Federal lands for public use under a collection of agencies offers several use passes for visitors to the various National Parks, National Forests, National Recreation Areas, campgrounds, picnic grounds, trails, water management lakes, rivers, and game reserves.

Following are a list of the passes available. Many of these passes can be purchased at the entrance gate of larger federal use sites, national parks, and use areas, or by web or phone order.

Golden Eagle Passport Pass

This is an entrance pass to Bureau of Land Management
(BLM), Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Forest Service (FS),
and National Park Service (NPS) Land sites that charge entrance fees for the General Public.

Cost $65. Good for 1 year from purchase. This admits the pass holder and accompanying passengers in a private vehicle. Where a per person fee is charged it admits the pass owner, spouse, parents and children. The pass is available from the Forest Service (877) 465-2727 or the National Forests site or from the Bureau of Land Management (877) 851-8946

National Parks Pass

Entrance Pass to National Park Service (NPS) sites that charge entrance fees. For the General Public.

Cost $50. Good for 1 year from purchase. A single entrance to a National Park with a vehicle is now up to $20, so if planning on visiting more that twice a year, a pass would be a good itde.

This pass admits the pass holder and any accompanying passengers in a private vehicle. Where a per person fee is charged, the pass admits the pass owner, spouse, parents and children.

This pass covers entrance fees at National Parks. Available online at the U.S. National Parks website or call 1-888-GO-PARKS, or at most national parks entrance gates or ranger offices.

Golden Eagle Sticker

A sticker can be bought and affixed to a National Park Service Parks Pass. The National Parks Pass with the Golden Eagle
Sticker provides the same benefit as the Golden Eagle Passport.

Cost $15. Good for 1 year from date of purchase of the National Parks Pass to which it is attached. Available from the Forest Service, call (877) 465-2727 or at or from the Bureau of Land Management or call (877) 851-8946.

Golden Age Passport

This ia an entrance and discount pass to Bureau of Land Management, Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, Forest Service, National Park Service, and Tennessee Valley Authority sites where there are entrance fees. For Citizens or Permanent Residents of the U.S.
who are age 62 or older.

Cost $10 and good for life.

This pass provides the same benefits as Golden Eagle Passport with a 50% discount at camping, developed boat launches and swimming sites and for specialized interpretive services. Some concessionaires may honor it if its included in the terms of their operating permit.

This pass has to be purchased IN PERSON at most BLM offices,
Corps, FWS, FS, NPS sites, or TVA Watershed
Team offices. And a Proof of Age must be shown.

Golden Access Passport

Same as the Golden Age but for Citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. who are legally blind or permanently disabled.

It's Free and good for life. Aside from holder, spouse, and children, this pass also covers other people accompanying the pass holder, such as a parent or care assistant. This pass also has to be gotten IN PERSON with a proof of medically determined permanent disability or eligibility for receiving benefits under federal law.

Corps of Engineers Annual Day Use Pass

A pass for day use facilities at any Corps of Engineers site during the calendar year, for the General Public.

Cost $30. This is good for the calendar year in which it is purchased. It admits the pass owner and any accompanying passengers (up to a total of 8 people) in a private vehicle.

It covers fees charged for boat ramps or swim beaches at Army Engineer Corps sites, but doesn't cover camping fees or fees for special facilities ie. picnic shelters, amphitheaters or athletic fields requiring a seperate fee.
Purchase it at any Corps site where day use fees are charged. The pass can also be bought through the mail from most Corps district offices.

Federal Duck Stamp

Mandatory federal permit for hunters 16 years and older to hunt waterfowl which also serves as an entrance pass to national wildlife refuges where entrance fees apply.

Costs $15 and good from July 1st through June 30th of the next year.

Can be purchased at post offices, many national wildlife refuges, the sporting goods departments at Wal-Mart or other sporting goods stores, or by calling the Federal Duck Stamp Office at: (703) 358-2000. Stamps
are also available online.

All passes except for Golden Age Passports and Golden
Access Passports can be purchased as gifts. For details about specic recreation sites see Recreation.

Golden Passports may not be valid for fees related to facility or equipment rental, cabins, lookouts, special conservation programs, managed off highway vehicle areas, reservation services, fees for hookups for water, electricity, sanitary dumpstations, or permits. © Bargain Travel West

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