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Unique stays in Groveland, California

The Groveland Motel - Rustic Family Stop

Okay, so the real California Indians didn’t use teepees. They built their dwellings and community lodges from bark. And the Miwok's of the gold country foothills also didn't travel very far, happy to stay between the rushing rivers of the Sierra-Nevada mountains full of fish and game, but if you’re heading to Yosemite National Park in the summer from the Bay Area on highway Route120 go native and stay for a night or two in a teepee at the Groveland Motel and discover your inner Miwok. They also offer cabin style rooms for two to a family size.

Phone (209) 962-7865

The Groveland Hotel

The motel with the teepees should not to be confused with The Groveland Hotel rated as "One of Sierra's Best" by Sunset Magazine with an excellent gourmet restaurant and an upscale historic accomodation in the center of the town once called Garrotte for its hanging tree (now gone) from which gold rush thieves and notoriously even a prostitute were only too swiftly hung in its colorful past. Snuggle with your honey bunny in a luxurious feather bed. And if you stay two nights, you get a free pass into Yosemite National Park.

Haunted? Of course. Room 11. The Groveland Hotel like many in gold rush country has its ghostly guest, but only the one, a fellow who died while working on the Hetch-Hetchy water project, still waiting to collect his pension. The Groveland Hotel is also a popular destination for wedding and honeymoons in that odl west gold country style.

Next door is the Iron Door Saloon, built in 1852, the oldest continuing drinking establishment in California. On the weekends it jumps with bands from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Groveland Hotel

The Hotel Charlotte

Across the narrow street from the saloon is the equally historic Charlotte Hotel and Cafe. With ten cozy rooms, the Hotel Charlotte is smaller than the Groveland and less on price for those looking for a bargain for a historic true gold rush era lodging and in the guns and gambling rowdy olden days of this stage coach stop-over, probably had the best view of the hangings. And if you’re looking for at least one cozy romantic night away from the kids on that summer vacation, let the little Indians camp out in the teepees down the road while the chiefs powwow in an original 1800’s four poster. © Bargain Travel West

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